Ben Castle

Ben Castle is very excited to announce that his new band The Tombola Theory have been signed to BEN CASTLE’S MAJOR RECORD LABEL.

The new ep Over the Moon is out NOW (Buy EP on iTunes, Amazon, or listen on Spotify).

The Tombola Theory play original pop music that’s inspired by traditional jazz and feature Ben on vocals and clarinet surrounded by tubas, trombones, banjos, drums, trumpets and the beautiful voices of Mara Carlyle and Alice Grant.

The Tombola Theory was formed as a tribute to Ben’s first and most enduring musical influence: Tommy ‘Tootle’ Truman, an amateur clarinet player who played in his local trad jazz band every week for 23 years. He was also a school janitor, and an eccentric and controversial character. If he’d been more ambitious he’d now be remembered as one of the British jazz greats but he died in 2009 without leaving behind any known recordings, just happy musical memories for a select few.

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